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About When Last We Left Our Heroes
Interested in learning more?
WLWLOH is a story that comes from the a D&D game run by Keith Aichele. The players loved the ongoing story so much, Keith and Jamie came up with the idea to put the story down in web comic format. Keith has a story in mind, but the players in his game can change the story at any time with their actions. This is that continuing story. 

Meet the players behind the story! 
Jamie (or James as I like to call her) is the very talented artist behind the web comic, and she helps put a face to all the wonderful characters you get to read about and enjoy. Not only is she an avid and experienced player of D&D, she also loves anything anime-, zombie-, or game-related and can always be seen with a sketchbook nearby. 
She works as a freelance artist and is also a part-time student in college. 
Jamie plays the Human Bard, Odesha. 
Tasha is the bright and full of giggles person that brings an identity 
to the Half Elf Paladin, Leah.
She's a mother and loves spending time with her son as well as her boyfriend. She works at a local hospital and loves to help people in real life. She enjoys anything scifi 
and especially loves Doctor Who and Vampire Diaries. 
David Tennant is her favorite Doctor, though she says Matt Smith is a close second. 
She loves fairies, and using them in many of her decorations.  
Trevor is a veteran in the gaming world and mostly dedicates his game time to 
World of Warcraft. He also loves Magic: The Gathering, board games, and many other role playing games. This is his first time playing D&D, however. Trevor also enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter when he's not busy or on call with his computer job. He's an avid Notre Dame and Colts fan. 
Trevor plays the kitty Cleric, Xyn-Dar.
Gregg is a first time player of anything role playing related. He was skeptical at first, but was instantly sucked in to the story and could not wait for the next session of play. 
He's a big fan of Ghostbusters as well as many of scifi staples. He enjoys spending time with his wife and son, and loves taking them to Cubs games. 
He's also a big Notre Dame fan. 
Gregg plays the suspicious of everyone Halfling Rogue, Otto. 
Otto is also played for various sessions by Gregg's son.
​Jen is not a stranger to the world of role playing, but it's been a while for her and this is her first go round with D&D. She's a big fan of Vampire Diaries and dislikes the 'depressing new Battlestar Galactica.' She's a professional photographer by day and a wonderful and loving mom and wife by night (when she's not killing flaming horses.) 
Jen loves going to concerts and also loves to sing in a local band from time to time. 
Jen plays the wildly vivacious and colorful Elven Sorceress, Khali. 
Cyndi is also a veteran player in the world of gaming and this is her first time back in the swing of things in quite a few years. She is no stranger to other games either such as Magic: The Gathering and other board game favorites. During the day, she runs her own business selling vintage clothes. She then dons her cape and becomes Batgirl at night, or she just stays at home with her husband and son. She loves horror movies and collecting anything old and cool. 
Cyndi plays the often dangerous but delightful Elf Ranger, Lorna. 
Dan is a newcomer to the group, but has long played games in the geek world. 
He mostly enjoys role playing games such as D&D but also has a love for 
Warhammer 40k. 
Dan loves comics and thinks the Punisher could beat anyone and will debate anyone that says different. He loves spending time with his wife and the babies, their dogs. 
He drives a Jeep and enjoys working on it in his spare time when he's not sitting behind a desk at work. 
Dan plays the Half Orc Barbarian, Thu'Gore. 
Keith is the brains behind the story and the Dungeon Master of the game. 
He enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and her son, and loves watching 
cartoons with him. 
Keith is quite possibly the biggest Jack of All Trades geek and knows a little to a lot about just everything that is scfi/fantasy/comic or even game related. He also enjoys to draw as well as write and loves to read when he has spare time. His favorite all time movie is the Princess Bride. He is also a loyal follower of Joss Whedon. He loves games and also enjoys Magic: The Gathering as well as World of Warcraft and Fallout. He loves the Chicago Bears. 
When Last We Left Our Heroes, Leah, Otto, Xyn-Dar, Lorna, Khali, Odesha, Marcus, Donk and Thu'gore are the intellectual property of Keith Aichele and Dancing Elf Productions LLC. All artwork is done by Jamie Hershberger and is also her intellectual property. No artwork or ideas are allowed to be used without the express written permission
of Keith Aichele & Jamie Hershberger. 

Site updated almost daily, but sometimes not just to annoy Randy. Copyright 2012-2013
 Special thanks!
 The following people helped out in some way to make this all possible. 
 Thank you to Matt Eaton, Robert Gibbons, Michael Rupchock, Randy Herban, 
 and Dr. Clare Downham M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
 Whether it was a little advice, translation work, or even background on  cultures... you rock! Thanks again!